As well as a colleague as an End Customer I will give Henrik the very best recommendation. Henrik always enter into a project with a professional attitude and a good team spirit. When you make agreements with Henrik they are kept and always successfully carried out. Henrik has a valuable understanding of how to design plants with benefits for the operators and maintenance crew, which today is essential in successfully projects. I look forward to continue working with Henrik in the present project in Canada and hope that we will continue working together in the future.

Kenneth RamsingProject Manager at Rockwool International A/S

Henrik is always working very professional with what he is doing and has a very good eye for how things are made so they work in real life. He’s also making an extra effort when it is required to get things ready in due time. On site Henrik is very valuable because he posses a good combination of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. I really enjoy working with Henrik; he is both serious and has a great sense of humor. I can only give Henrik the best recommendation.

Christian SandfeldSenior Engineer at Rockwool International A/S

I have had the privilege to work with Henrik D. in different job related situations, and henrik has always made an excellent figure.

I estimate that Henrik is among the best “colleagues” I worked with, his skills spans from Innovative designer, skilled supervisor and all the way to hard working craftsman these skills was used both in the office and “on-site installations”, not “just” always showing the understanding of the process but also shoving his skills by making outstanding solutions in stressed situations.

Henrik and his work have my deepest respect and I can only give him my best recommendation.

Bo JustesenProject Engineer at Unomedical

I´ve had the pleasure working together with Henrik for a couple of years during erection af a large scale fluid system in Canada.
Henrik is very professional, hard working and has an extremely good technical knowledge on fluid systems. He has a really good theoretic and practical understanding way looking at tasks by means of designing products which can easily be erected and maintained.

Henrik has a great sense of humour and there is allways a great atmosphere around him. He´s eager to share and achieve knowlegde a good impact on the teamwork in the project group.

Bjarne KnudsenSenior Project Manager at Alfa Laval

Henrik is very proffesional, friendly and social guy. Henrik was always helpful in his scope of responsibily but also in other areas. He share with us his knowledge in easy and understandable way. I would like to work with him in the same team in the future.

Pawel PomykalaFactory Manager at Rockwool - Rudeland 8, 2620 Albertslund - - +45 21 20 97 99